ruled lietuviškai

Play ruled tarimas /ruːld/

ruled vertimas

  1. liniuotas

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba

  • subject to a ruling authority "the ruled mass"
  • mark or draw with a ruler "rule the margins"
  • decide with authority "The King decreed that all firstborn males should be killed"
  • keep in check "rule one's temper"
  • decide on and make a declaration about "find someone guilty"
  • exercise authority over; as of nations "Who is governing the country now?"
  • be larger in number, quantity, power, status or importance "Money reigns supreme here" "Hispanics predominate in this neighborhood"
  • have an affinity with; of signs of the zodiac
  • measuring stick consisting of a strip of wood or metal or plastic with a straight edge that is used for drawing straight lines and measuring lengths
  • something regarded as a normative example "the convention of not naming the main character" "violence is the rule not the exception" "his formula for impressing visitors"
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