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Play parathormone tarimas /ˌparəˈθɔːməʊn/

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  1. parathormonas

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba

  • hormone synthesized and released into the blood stream by the parathyroid glands; regulates phosphorus and calcium in the body and functions in neuromuscular excitation and blood clotting
  • A polypeptide hormone (84 amino acid residues) secreted by the PARATHYROID GLANDS which performs the essential role of maintaining intracellular CALCIUM levels in the body. Parathyroid hormone increases intracellular calcium by promoting the release of CALCIUM from BONE, increases the intestinal absorption of calcium, increases the renal tubular reabsorption of calcium, and increases the renal excretion of phosphates.;The 34-amino acid N-terminal sequence of parathyroid hormone that contains determinant of biological activity and species-specificity.
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