guard lietuviškai

Play guard tarimas /ɡɑːd/

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba

  • a position on a basketball team
  • (American football) a position on the line of scrimmage "guards must be good blockers"
  • the duty of serving as a sentry "he was on guard that night"
  • a precautionary measure warding off impending danger or damage or injury etc. "he put an ice pack on the injury as a precaution" "an insurance policy is a good safeguard" "we let our guard down"
  • a device designed to prevent injury or accidents
  • a posture of defence in boxing or fencing "keep your guard up"
  • the person who plays that position on a football team "the left guard was injured on the play"
  • a person who keeps watch over something or someone
  • the person who plays the position of guard on a basketball team
  • a military unit serving to protect some place or person
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