growth lietuviškai

Play growth tarimas /ɡrəʊθ/

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba

  • an abnormal new mass of tissue that serves no purpose
  • the gradual beginning or coming forth "figurines presage the emergence of sculpture in Greece"
  • something grown or growing "a growth of hair"
  • (biology) the process of an individual organism growing organically; a purely biological unfolding of events involved in an organism changing gradually from a simple to a more complex level "he proposed an indicator of osseous development in childre..."
  • a progression from simpler to more complex forms "the growth of culture"
  • a process of becoming larger or longer or more numerous or more important "the increase in unemployment" "the growth of population"
  • (pathology) an abnormal proliferation of tissue (as in a tumor)
  • vegetation that has grown "a growth of trees" "the only growth was some salt grass"
  • Gradual increase in the number, the size, and the complexity of cells of an individual. Growth generally results in increase in ORGAN WEIGHT; BODY WEIGHT; and BODY HEIGHT.
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