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Play distressing tarimas /dɪˈstrɛsɪŋ/

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba

  • bad; unfortunate "my finances were in a deplorable state" "a lamentable decision" "her clothes were in sad shape" "a sorry state of affairs"
  • causing distress or worry or anxiety "distressing (or disturbing) news" "lived in heroic if something distressful isolation" "a disturbing amount of crime" "a revelation that was most perturbing" "a new and troubling thought" "in a particularly..."
  • cause emotional anguish or make miserable "It pains me to see my children not being taught well in school"
  • cause mental pain to "The news of her child's illness distressed the mother"
  • a source of danger; a possibility of incurring loss or misfortune "drinking alcohol is a health hazard"
  • a symptom of some physical hurt or disorder "the patient developed severe pain and distension"
  • the seizure and holding of property as security for payment of a debt or satisfaction of a claim "Originally distress was a landlord's remedy against a tenant for unpaid rents or property damage but now the landlord is given a landlord's lien"
  • psychological suffering "the death of his wife caused him great distress"
  • extreme physical pain "the patient appeared to be in distress"
  • a state of adversity (danger or affliction or need) "a ship in distress" "she was the classic maiden in distress"
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distressing sinonimai

discomforting, discomposing, disquieting, disturbing, nagging, nasty, perturbing, troublesome, troubling, troublous, unsettling, upsetting, worrisome