decaying lietuviškai

Play decaying tarimas /dɪˈkeɪɪŋ/

decaying vertimas

  1. pūvančių

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba

  • lose vigor, health, or flesh, as through grief "After her husband died, she just pined away"
  • become putrid; decay with an offensive smell "organic matter putrefies"
  • become moldy; spoil due to humidity "The furniture molded in the old house"
  • become physically weaker "Political prisoners are wasting away in many prisons all over the world"
  • fall into decay or ruin "The unoccupied house started to decay"
  • lose a stored charge, magnetic flux, or current "the particles disintegrated during the nuclear fission process"
  • undergo decay or decomposition "The body started to decay and needed to be cremated"
  • decay of matter (as by rot or oxidation)
  • (biology) the process of decay caused by bacterial or fungal action
  • the organic phenomenon of rotting
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