close lietuviškai

Play close tarimas /kləʊs/

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba

  • not far away in relative terms "she works nearby" "the planets orbiting nearby are Venus and Mars"
  • near in time or place or relationship "as the wedding day drew near" "stood near the door" "don't shoot until they come near" "getting near to the true explanation" "her mother is always near" "The end draws nigh" "the bullet didn't come close..."
  • in an attentive manner "he remained close on his guard"
  • fitting closely "the vest fit snugly"
  • bring to a close "The committee concluded the meeting"
  • block off the passage through "We shut off the valve"
  • having component parts closely crowded together "a compact shopping center" "a dense population" "thick crowds" "a thick forest" "thick hair"
  • existing for a long time "hopes for a durable peace" "a long-lasting friendship"
  • painstakingly careful and accurate "our accountant is thorough" "thorough research"
  • marked by fidelity to an original "a close translation" "a faithful copy of the portrait" "a faithful rendering of the observed facts"
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