barbed lietuviškai

Play barbed tarimas /bɑːbd/

Paaiškinimas anglų kalba

  • slender tactile process on the jaws of a fish
  • one of the parallel filaments projecting from the main shaft of a feather
  • a subsidiary point facing opposite from the main point that makes an arrowhead or spear hard to remove
  • the pointed part of barbed wire
  • an aggressive remark directed at a person like a missile and intended to have a telling effect "his parting shot was `drop dead'" "she threw shafts of sarcasm" "she takes a dig at me every chance she gets"
  • provide with barbs "barbed wire"
  • marked by or arising from malice "a catty remark"
  • having or covered with protective barbs or quills or spines or thorns or setae etc. "a horse with a short bristly mane" "bristly shrubs" "burred fruits" "setaceous whiskers"
  • capable of wounding "a barbed compliment" "a biting aphorism" "pungent satire"
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